March 2, 2016

Saving water

It’s been on my mind lately. This saving water business. (Yes, those memes of people with an incredulous look when told people shower with copious amounts of drinking water). 

So I got thinking and reading (some of it was fairly weird) on how to save water. A greywater system from the shower? .. Too troublesome as I obviously can’t do it myself. A bucket in the shower? .. Again a fairly silly idea imo as the amount of water you “save” is limited to 1. The size of your bucket 2. Your strength to carry the bucket across the house without spilling it and causing more work for yourself. Anyway, once the bucket is filled, you have no idea of how much water you are using. So came my conclusion. Inspired by my childhood and a trip to rural Vanuatu- fill up a bucket and wash yourself with a cup. Viola. 5L? 3L? Relative. It’s all relative states of dirtiness anyway. Or cleanliness if you are an optimist. 

Cue today’s photo:

Now, ignoring the fact that the tiles need to be re-grouted and the water is murky (both missing the point). What if it was done the opposite? Ie stand in a tub that is large enough to catch the falling water and once the water is up to a certain level you stop? Yes, once again we bump into the problem of having a large amount of water to lug around the house. Anyways. Ponderings. Or you could use a four minute timer. But that really sucks when you turn off the water to lather shampoo however the timer is still going and hence you miss out on showering time. 

Oh. The tub in the bathroom was actually because I needed to clean the shower and didn’t want my feel to be all dry from the bathroom cleaner. Totally wasn’t even related to the point of the post. 

March 2, 2016

More to come?

Only managed to get 

Up to day 8

Such Discipline 

I’ll try to finish it

Off.. Hopefully before the 

Next holiday

Not that there’s anything 


Nothing wrong to 


February 22, 2016

Tasmania- Day 8

Are you Red Rocks Ready? Because you have to be for today. 

Start: Launceston

End: Bicheno


such fine sand. it squeaks when you walk

Here are some red rocks    

    from binalong bay, we went to cosy corner. there were alot of flat rocks to climb. the gardens apparently has a nice walk, however we didnt get that far

    The beaches were beautiful and I think next time we will stay in this area for longer. 

    Steps: 12,421

      February 14, 2016

      Tasmania- Day 7

      Pretty lazy day today

      Went to church, then lunch. 



      swiss style houses


      ::Bridestowe Estate::


      fields and fields of lavender- would have been a epic sight before harvest


      We came here because of this article  

        So many Asian tourists. 


        bobbie the really expensive bear

        Went to a winery- bought some wine. 

        Bought some tomatoes from the roadside.

        Steps: 6,823 – laziest day yet 

        February 14, 2016

        Tasmania- Day 6

        Cataract gorge- for some reason google maps took us to not the main carpark. 

        yes, i cut off one of the bird’s head whilst trying to make a photo collage


        took the chairlift down ($12) and walked back up


        Went to Launceston city centre. 

        I can’t remember the name of the place, but the shop that sells honey is pretty cool. Had a good long talk with the lady who worked there. Bought three tubs of honey. Wanted to buy a forth. 

        found this when i typed #launceston on facebook. came here too. very self controlled and didnt buy anything


        Lunch @ Josef Chromy



        Randomly went to Perth. Not much to do there. Good thing there was a garage sale. Bought 5 cds and 2 books for $4 total



        Day was still young so decided to go to Georgetown. Again, like Perth, had no idea what was there to do there. Stumbled across this place on the way there



        Wood Carvings at Georgetown. It was windy.


        Went to Low Head- it was even more windy


        Here’s Low Head and George Town zoomed out

        Went to Coles and bought food to make for dinner. 


        Waiting for the laundry to dry however didnt want the to show the internet my underwear in the tumble dryer

        Steps: 13,196

        February 14, 2016

        Tasmania- Day 5

        [Cradle mountain to Launceston]

        Woke up to a rather misty morning- would have been amazing to take photos of cradle mountain but priorities won (eating bufett breakfast) 

        Check out the amazing scenery whilst driving    
        Was going to Tasmazia & The Village Of Lower Crackpot (lol) however it opened at 10am, and it was 9am when we drove past it. Went to the mural town of Sheffield instead. 


        stared at this for a long time


        ::Ashgrove cheese::

        lactose intolerants dream- four cheeses and a glass of milk


        ::Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm::

        a sideways picture of raspberries and strawberries with vanilla icecream

        ::The Launceston Festivale::

        (yup, I just copied and pasted the below from their website)

        Festivale, one of Tasmania’s premier summer events, is a three day celebration, designed to showcase the very best of Tasmanian food, wine, beer, arts and entertainment. Staged in Launceston’s historic and picturesque City Park the ambiance of the outdoor event is unique.



        mussel pate


        tempura mushrooms


        crayfish croquette that didnt really taste like crayfish


        grilled octopus


        a photo of the official photographers taking an official photo



        on the way back home


        Steps: 14,392

        February 11, 2016

        Tasmania- Day 4

        Cradle mountain, day two 


        this map would have been useful when booking accomodation


        There was a small graveyard of walking sticks at the information centre carpark and A spent a good 15 minutes picking out the perfect one. 

        It was meant to be a nice relaxing day- we had done Marion’s lookout yesterday and wanted an easy one today. 

        Didn’t even bother wearing proper gear- just our shorts, hiking shoes and brought bottle of water between the both of us. 

        We began with the pencil pine falls and rainforest walk (took us 15 min at a very slow pace). Very nice boardwalks through the rainforest. Then proceeded with the enchanted walk (20 min circuit).

        We were feeling pretty good- hadn’t broken a sweat yet. Then we found this ‘2-3 hour walk’. Why not, we thought. 

        It began in the rainforest- a bit like high school orienteering where you follow  ribbons tied mostly to trees.

        1 hour in: this is pretty fun and adventurous. A good way to explore the rainforest. Lots of mossy rocks and platforms, had to climb over a fallen trunk to get to the other side of the river. 

        1.5 hours in: open plains. Ooooh different landscapes- this is pretty cool. Wish we wore pants though- the vegetation is scratching my legs

        2 hours in: now we are climbing a few rock walls. 

        2.5 hours in: walking along the side of the mountain. With no clear path. Lots of trouble finding the next ribbon BECAUSE THEY ARE COLOURED ORANGE OR WHITE AND ITS THE SIZE OF MY FINGERNAIL. 

        3 hours in: out of water. Sunscreen has worn off. We are going to die. 

        3.5 hours: still walking. 

        3.75 hours: finally made it out. Alive. Went to find water 

        didnt take too many photos on the walk- a shame as it really was quite spectacular

        Would we do it again? Yes. But with pants. And water. And sunscreen. And a compass (we’d have to learn how to use it first). Oooh and a hat. Lots of spider webs in the rainforest on your face. 

          Steps: 19,218 

          February 11, 2016

          Tasmania- Day 3

          Song of the morning: Holy

          (Had to) make a huge breakfast because we were too greedy/had little self control/shopped whilst hungry at the market yesterday. 

           The drive from Burnie to cradle mountain took around 1h 45m 

          on the way there


          my new phone can macro! mood: surprised


          dove lake- the start of the walk


          A found me a rock that looked like tassie to encourage me to keep walking


          The view from Marions lookout


          Steps today: 18,904 


          February 9, 2016

          Tasmania- Day 2

          Song of the morning: Jesus only Jesus


           This was probably the highlight of the day, and it wasn’t even planned. If you like rocks, this place is fascinating. 


          jagged mountain rocks

          smooth but lumpy rocks


          tesselated rocks with vegetation

          I have many more rock photos.  


          what is this random photo of you may be wondering


          I’ll zoom it up- it looks like a dog having a fight with a lion


          the Nut and the haze

          Had also planned to go to Tarkin forest adventures at dismal swamp (what a name! Who wouldn’t want to visit a dismal swamp?) however it had been smoky on and off all day from the fires and decided to go back home instead of heading closer to that area. 

          the amazing slide which we could have gone to, but didnt

          Number of steps: 12,019

            February 8, 2016

            Tasmania- Day 1

            ::Melbourne to Devonport::

            The alarm was set to 5:30am however I woke up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. 

            We were a bit confused as to what time boarding actually was. Left home 6:20, arrived to Port Melbourne 7am and then the chaos began. So much traffic waiting to board. 

            Was directed around the carpark of the pier and was told by another person that it was a no standing zone so we had to exit the entire line and then RE-LINE UP!!   

             Seriously one of the most frustrating experiences ever. There is no point being early because after lining up twice, we were told to park and then were the last to get on. I would just get there 8:15 next time. 

            Update @ 2:20pm. Ahoy. I’m am not a good sailor indeed. Everyone seems fine but I’m half afraid I’ll puke in public. 

            Update @ 3:30pm. Lying on a seat 

            Update 4:50pm. Feeling a lot better.  

            Drank some expensive sparkling juice 

              Results from the forage in the garden of the place we are staying.

            (Not feeling like puking) Adventure begins tomorrow!