October 27, 2014

Tasmania- day two

Day two greeted us with the sound of rain on the roof.

20141027-075337-28417064.jpg<br /
The lovely view from cabin

Breakfast at machine laundry cafe
20141027-075338-28418916.jpg<br /





We arrived around 8:45am but it was full inside already. Managed to get a table outside and ordered. To our surprise, they moved us in as soon as there was room. We thought that was rather nice system they had of moving people inside when possible.

Anyways, drinks. Came in retro saucers and cups. A said coffee was good, my hot chocolate was rather watery. I enjoyed my Parmesan and pancetta pancakes. A’s bruschetta with slow cooked lamb and goats cheese was a little bit too gamy for me. Though A enjoyed it throughly and polished it all off.

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A didn’t quite expect such cold weather and was rather underdressed. There was a kahmandu store close by, so we popped in for a look. We’ve been uhmming and ahhing about buying down feather jackets for a while, but have not done so yet because of the price. Kathmandu happened to have a sale and in combination of A being a little desperate for some warmer clothes, we ended up buying one each. Mine was a large from the kids section, which made it even more of a bargain. Warm we were indeed!

Bruny island

We made out way from Hobart to Bruny island.
Along the way we saw multiple garage sales and an old train with shops in the carriage. A wanted to stop but I reminded him that we were on a mission! (Context: the last time I visited Bruny island, went rather late and by that time… Most of the island stores were closed).

Getting onto the ferry

Baa baa. Like herded sheep… Except these were cars…. You get what I mean

The ferry costs $30 return and 15 min to make the crossing. It was so smooth that A didn’t even realize we were moving!

October 26, 2014

Tasmania- day one

Ah tasmania. Thoughts of you makes my heart beat faster. I simply think you are the best place in the world!

The day began bright and early- 4:30am. So much to do! So much planned for our two and a bit day getaway! However on route to the airport, we received the dreaded news: our flight was delayed three hours. Sad. Very sad indeed.

Doodles on the maccas cardboard drinks tray. We had to make a picture with the flappy cardboard thing

We arrived at tasmania eventually however had to forego some earlier items on the itinerary (breakfast and visiting the museum).

First stop- lunch at The Source, MONA.

The stairs leading up- what a pretty ceiling!

A’s birthday card for me- it’s in the shape of tasmania. Heehee

We were a bit tight for time due to the delay and had already had a look at the menu in the car whilst driving here. Thought it would be a bit strange to sit down and order straight away so we pretended to ponder about choices for just a little while.

I loved the floor to ceiling windows which allowed you to look out onto the derwent river. We could see the mona ferry from afar. The table next to us went to the bathroom one by one. Each time they can back- they smelt amazing. Concluded it must have nice hand moisturizer and made a mental note that a visit to the bathroom was not be to missed.

Slow roasted pork belly, spiced red wine eggplant, apple sherbet, cider jus

Beef cheek bourguignon with winter and spring vegetables

fine salted Valrhona chocolate and caramel tart, malted ice cream

A and I ate this together first as the icecream was melting. We were so full after it and had to stare a while at the lemon tart.

lemon tart, crème fraîche

Such nice food. Such nice service. Wait for food wasn’t long either. And yes- the toilet and hand moisturizer was nice (Aesop). Wished we weren’t so rushed but consoled myself that it wouldn’t be the last time at mona (next time we will have to visit the actual museum!)

The Source on Urbanspoon

Next stop: our Bnb to get ready for N&J’s wedding

For $35 per night for the both of us, there is really there is nothing to complain about. A cabin at the back of the garden with a semidetached bathroom. We managed to co exist with the slug on the wall, however the spider in the shower met a rather unfortunate death-by-sandals.

October 10, 2013

Day 5 – first day in London

So after a big long plane ride, we finally arrived at heathrow airport. A bit delirious, we struggled from Victoria Station to our apartment, lugging along 30kg of luggage on our backs and arms (we promised to take a taxi next time round).

We finally found our building, on 11 Gloucester Street – it was a pretty street full of white buildings. We had one problem though, we didn’t know our apartment number! So, Aaron proceeded to press every number on the intercom, until finally, our host arrived at the door and let us in. We took a nice shower, and then set off to explore UK’s capital.

We started off at Leceister Square, the place was full of half price theatre vendors. The square is known for its performing arts, and we spent some time looking at William Shakespeare’s monument at the centre of the square. As we moved along, we ended up randomly in M&M world. We headed down Picadilly Circus and Regent Street. We bought a salami and mecheggo baguette and sea salt and cracked pepper chips, which we ate at the centre of the circus.

The Royal Academy of the Arts was another place we stumbled on, and we checked out giant paintings. As we walked down the street, we were attracted by an interest shopfront with English Box statutes on its roof – it was Fortnum and Mason. It was an amazing store! It was filled with chocolate and sweet treats from England, with teas and fancy cutlery. We were able to try out some macaroons for free too – Aaron had chocolate and earl grey, while Michelle had mango (which she thought was lemon). We then headed back and bought more macaroons and Laduree, a peppercorn one, and a salted caramel one – they were delicious, though the peppercorn one was a slight big strange.

Walking down Bond St, we were intimidated by expensive brands. Michelle was in search for some Heston products at Waitrose, which we found and bought a few for dinner in the future. We walked down Oxford St, and had a burger high tea (and a large lettuce salad) at BRGR & Co. The British Museum was our next stop, where we rushed to look through Ancient Greek, Rome and Assyrian artifacts before closing time. After the museum, we headed home, jet lagged and slept at 8:30pm. The apartment was very nice to us, the first time we’ve used Air BnB before – a positive experience, as we were treated with breakfast, milk, cookies, wine and even beer! Then we slept…

October 7, 2013

Day 1 – Fly to malaysia

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three s trands is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV)

Today we woke up uber early – 4:30am! Eating Bavarian cheesecake for breakfast (and we also had maccas and chips on the plane).

Finally got to Ipoh after a 3.5 hour bus ride! We got to eat some peanut prawn crackers, but slept for most of the time. When we reached our hotel, the “n00bs” gave us hotel rooms that were already occupied – safety much? Anyway, Michelle sorted if out – she was amazing today, and took care of the whole group.
We ate gna choi gai at night – Er Yee sorted it out for us. It was delicious! The gna choi was short and stumpy with a little tail and tasted sweet. We were both satisfied and had sugar cane drink too.

October 14, 2012

Too good to be true

Been dress hunting lately and stumbled across this seller on ebay:



its all very strange.
dresses for $7.99?
100% buyer feedback?
im going to put an order through
and let you know the results!

July 30, 2012

Cafe Rosamond Dessert Evening

Cafe Rosamond dessert night
happens on Thursdays @ 7pm
Dessert tubes, $9; 1/2/3 courses $20/$30/$40.


This was the second
time ive been here.
I believe the photos from the
first visit were a lot better
as I took my SLR.
These were taken with
my point and shoot.
will have to dig up the
old photos

random photo whilst walking there


four lovely courses
which i cannot remember exactly what they were!
the tube was deconstructed jam donut
and i believe the last course was
one with beer jelly.
we had a rather large group
(10 people)
so started lining up at 6:30pm
they gave us the larger table in the corner.


think the first visit was
rated highly in my head.
the second time took out
some of the element of surprise.
Though the menu changed,
presentation was basiacally the same.
:) Think I wont be back a third time.
not because the dessert was bad or anything
but there are so many desserts to try
in Melbourne.

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July 28, 2012

cutler & co

yes indeed
cutler & co!
this time round,
i didnt read any blogs
look at any photos
and it paid off becuase it was indeed a night
full of surprises.
(a good thing)
first fine dining experience
with a group of lovely friends.
surprisingly, there were quite a few tables
of groups



selection of appetisers

close up of pate in the shape of cigars.. in a cigar box!
this was so clever!

Raw hervey bay scallops, chilled pea and sorrel soup, avruga

hand-picked spanner crab, abalone & king brown mushroom, golden chicken broth

hay baked carrots, goarts curd, toasted grains & ash
this dish was probably my least favourite of the night.
very normal.

Smoked & fried duck, morcilla, golden raisin & beetroot

grass fed short rib, kohlrabi, onions & sage

arnaud comte, 15 months old, with lavosh
mmmm cheese

palate cleanser

violet icecream, chocolate ganache, sour cherry & clove meringue

petit fours

really enjoyed the night
lovely company
lovely food.
its a totally different fine dining experience
when going in a group.
though.. i was not full afterwards.
content. yes.
full. no.
serving sizes actually quite small
so… i guess no surprise A
ate a pie from a random pie face
a little later that night

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July 3, 2012

1 3 9

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:14-16)

As I walked around the city streets in peak lunch hour… It just hit me. All these people… Every single one. Uniquely made and very much loved by God. Every single person had their own life story… Their own problems… own lives, own thoughts and aspirations. And each one was known very intimately by Him.

Such a mind blowing thought!

July 2, 2012

exciting times

sydney one day trip- booked

gold coast- booked

vietnam/cambodia/singapore- booked

im so excited!!



This psalm 139 song popped into my head… however i cant remember who sings it.. a female voice.

My google search:


PSALM 139 Songs


We have 100 different psalm 139 songs. You can listen Psalm 139 music by left clicking on the titles. You can create your playlist with Psalm 139 tracks from our


gg.. how am i ever going to find the one in my head?

as an aside… found this one whilst searching


June 14, 2012

Adelaide in one day

here’s another slack post.
was actually really excited about writing this post
and then life got in the way
and forgot about it doing it.
details are a little blurry now…
as it was in may.
good thing i typed some notes on my phone along the way
in anticipation of my procrastination

yes indeed! you have read right.
another random one day trip, this time to adelaide.
(actually, this is the second random one day trip…
last time went to barossa valley, so this time
decided to head the other way to adelaide hills).

The day began nice and early with a 6am flight
with the time difference, arrived at adelaide 6:50am.
Some rental car issues, however nothing was going to
dampen our spirits!

8am, we find ourselves at Mt Lofty Summit.
Paid the $2 parking fee *surprised*
(this was a recurring theme for the day…
the parking was so cheap in adelaide)

the plan was to have breakfast at the summit
however it only opened at 9am
so walked around a bit (beautiful views)
with the fog about to clear.

with itchy feet for adventure, decided not to wait
and drove down the mountain in search for
somewhere to have breakfast.
Went past this hotel on the side of the mountain (8:45am?)
and had breakfast there.
forgot about photos as was famished.
Small-ish portions
not as good as breakfast in melbourne =P
Never the less, a good stop over.
Pretended to be hotel guests
and played a game of billiards in the games room.

9:30am Next stop, Mt Lofty botanical gardens
parking was free (machine not working)

It’s here where my memory fails me.
Cant remember if this creature is actually called
the adelaide rat…
or if we just made the name up.
Dnded up playing this game:
“how fast you can say the name plaques aloud?”..
rhododendron aberconwayi
rhododendron macrophyllum.. … . . . .. . . .
seriously… all i can remember from the gardens
is the name plaques -_-!

10:30am arrived in Hahndorf,
Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement

German sausages for lunch.
very interesting town indeed!
each store full of quirky things.
They (the shops) looked small on the outside,
but dont be deceived!

(was totally sold by the sign)
left at around 2:30pm
sigh of relief as we got back to the car…
too much walking for the sleep deprived.

Next stop, Brickworks market, 3pm
(free parking hee hee)

Some of our random purchases…
lollies from hanhdorf
a random solar powered monkey with a plant in its brain
jar of shiraz jam
huon pine pate dish (only $15!)
random second hand books

4pm headed back to adelaide city
Random stop at some sports store and morning glory store
4:50pm rundle st mall?
cant remember…

Saw a sign to ‘that dapper market’
stuck on a bicycle on a street corner.
Google mapped the address and
lo and behold! We found ourselves
at a vintage market!
Bought a faux leather bag.
Started to get worried about how we were going to carry
our random purchases back on the plane.

6:30pm dinner at tasty thai

what big menus.

7:48pm had a bit of time left over
So went to Au Martin Calme for a quick dessert

8:15 started our drive back to the airport
9pm at departure lounge waiting for flight
back home.

And that,
was the end of one very enjoyable, random, epic day.
… even blogging about it makes me feel tired.


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