Potato ghosts

Rather inspired by epicurious, http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Potato-Ghosts-356191 decided to do my own take on potato ghosts…

Like most of my cooking, I dont follow recipes, usually wing the ingredients and method… and have a short attention span when waiting for things to cook…

(1) One pack of instant potato mash
(2) Bit of butter
(3) One cup milk
(4)One cup water
(5) Some chicken salt
(6) Rummaged through the kitchen looking for something edible which resembled eyes… ended up with some sushi paper.
(7) Some toothpicks.

(1) heat water and milk
(2) pour in instant mash and mix with fork
(3) add some salt to taste
(4) shape mash with hands (preferably clean ones)
(5) add eyes and hands
(6) heat in oven until you cant wait any longer.  cant remember how long i baked them for however when i took them out they had this nice ‘skin’ around them.

little ones waiting in the oven

potato ghost!

Yes, very fun to make.
Had good background music from A too :)


tried making theses again, however this time i used real potatos and carrots for the arms.  Surprisingly, the carrot goes quite well with the potato.  Provides a nice amount of sweetness.  Also used black sesame for the eyes instead of the seaweed.


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