free encyclopaedias

there’s a stack of encyclopaedias  sitting on the floor outside the coop at work.  the sign above it reads “please take- free”.  they’ve been sitting there for a while.  noone is interested in them.  so i took number 16 home, so i can wrap presents with the pages.  whatever happened to the value of encyclopaedias?  i remember as a child, my parents bought the set of britannica encyclopaedias.  $3000.  that was alot of money back in the days… but hey. that was knowledge. the very stuff that would help you get into Sales of the Century (well.. at least that’s what they kept telling me).  fast forward 18 years. a free set in a community center (well.. it was a set before i took number 16).  all you need is google.  encyclopaedias are no longer the way to sales of the century.   on a random aside, the co-op was selling these little ‘booties’ for $2 a pair.   how cute are they?


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