Its been a while since ive post.
have been extremely lazy and
have the biggest backlog of photos -_-!
long weekend and ive been sick with the flu.

decided to venture out today despite the headache
as it was very nice and sunny.
the plan was to “drive in any random direction”
and see where it would lead.
usually this works fairly well.
today, well…

the town of Belgrave we find ourselves
with the fog about to clear

the op shop with the huge open sign at the front
turned out to be closed.
the pizza store where we wend to lunch…
was weird.  very very weird.
like you just stepped into someones dining room
homely some may call it.
euphemistic word.

for dessert, went to Chocolate Sensation.
ordered 2 desserts from the counter.
a chocolate brownie and a mini strawberry tart.
waited 20 minutes for them to literally take them out and put it on a plate.
still… that i can deal with.
the reason why im ranting is that
she had her finger next to the brownie
as she put the plate down.
not a bad brownie. not an amazing one.
didnt eat the bit which her finger touched
would i go back?

Chocolate Sensation on Urbanspoon


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