Entertainment book vouchers

Been meaning to get one for many years
but never really got round to doing it.
well!  i have a lovely copy
full of vouchers.  who can resist?

(1) Snow Pony, Balwyn

banana bread– amazing. both visually and the taste
croissant– every bite melted in my mouth
mc pony muffin– sad to say… mcdonalds bacon and egg mcmuffin tastes a bit better
+ coffee

total with 25% off voucher= $22

yummm… cant wait to go back again!

Snow Pony on Urbanspoon

 (2) The Bay Hotel, Mornington

Seafood platter for two

Creme Brulee with house made citrus sorbet

dinner to finish of a very relaxing day in mornington
good service. very attentive.
was extremely full after the seafood platter.
no oysters tho. oh well.
so much leafy salad (comment, not criticism)
food alright… then again,
im easy to please.

total: $92-$35=$57
 Bay Hotel on Urbanspoon

(3) Madame Mango, Camberwell

the food was so good!
cant remember the names of things ate.
but i did return again without a voucher.
they take bookings,
which is nice to have a table all ready for you
when you arrive.
actually i just called 30 minutes before arriving.

the chicken was so flavoursome and juicy! *drools
walnuts, generous serve of salad.
cant remember the price
Madame Mango on Urbanspoon


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