Adelaide in one day

here’s another slack post.
was actually really excited about writing this post
and then life got in the way
and forgot about it doing it.
details are a little blurry now…
as it was in may.
good thing i typed some notes on my phone along the way
in anticipation of my procrastination

yes indeed! you have read right.
another random one day trip, this time to adelaide.
(actually, this is the second random one day trip…
last time went to barossa valley, so this time
decided to head the other way to adelaide hills).

The day began nice and early with a 6am flight
with the time difference, arrived at adelaide 6:50am.
Some rental car issues, however nothing was going to
dampen our spirits!

8am, we find ourselves at Mt Lofty Summit.
Paid the $2 parking fee *surprised*
(this was a recurring theme for the day…
the parking was so cheap in adelaide)

the plan was to have breakfast at the summit
however it only opened at 9am
so walked around a bit (beautiful views)
with the fog about to clear.

with itchy feet for adventure, decided not to wait
and drove down the mountain in search for
somewhere to have breakfast.
Went past this hotel on the side of the mountain (8:45am?)
and had breakfast there.
forgot about photos as was famished.
Small-ish portions
not as good as breakfast in melbourne =P
Never the less, a good stop over.
Pretended to be hotel guests
and played a game of billiards in the games room.

9:30am Next stop, Mt Lofty botanical gardens
parking was free (machine not working)

It’s here where my memory fails me.
Cant remember if this creature is actually called
the adelaide rat…
or if we just made the name up.
Dnded up playing this game:
“how fast you can say the name plaques aloud?”..
rhododendron aberconwayi
rhododendron macrophyllum.. … . . . .. . . .
seriously… all i can remember from the gardens
is the name plaques -_-!

10:30am arrived in Hahndorf,
Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement

German sausages for lunch.
very interesting town indeed!
each store full of quirky things.
They (the shops) looked small on the outside,
but dont be deceived!

(was totally sold by the sign)
left at around 2:30pm
sigh of relief as we got back to the car…
too much walking for the sleep deprived.

Next stop, Brickworks market, 3pm
(free parking hee hee)

Some of our random purchases…
lollies from hanhdorf
a random solar powered monkey with a plant in its brain
jar of shiraz jam
huon pine pate dish (only $15!)
random second hand books

4pm headed back to adelaide city
Random stop at some sports store and morning glory store
4:50pm rundle st mall?
cant remember…

Saw a sign to ‘that dapper market’
stuck on a bicycle on a street corner.
Google mapped the address and
lo and behold! We found ourselves
at a vintage market!
Bought a faux leather bag.
Started to get worried about how we were going to carry
our random purchases back on the plane.

6:30pm dinner at tasty thai

what big menus.

7:48pm had a bit of time left over
So went to Au Martin Calme for a quick dessert

8:15 started our drive back to the airport
9pm at departure lounge waiting for flight
back home.

And that,
was the end of one very enjoyable, random, epic day.
… even blogging about it makes me feel tired.


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