cutler & co

yes indeed
cutler & co!
this time round,
i didnt read any blogs
look at any photos
and it paid off becuase it was indeed a night
full of surprises.
(a good thing)
first fine dining experience
with a group of lovely friends.
surprisingly, there were quite a few tables
of groups



selection of appetisers

close up of pate in the shape of cigars.. in a cigar box!
this was so clever!

Raw hervey bay scallops, chilled pea and sorrel soup, avruga

hand-picked spanner crab, abalone & king brown mushroom, golden chicken broth

hay baked carrots, goarts curd, toasted grains & ash
this dish was probably my least favourite of the night.
very normal.

Smoked & fried duck, morcilla, golden raisin & beetroot

grass fed short rib, kohlrabi, onions & sage

arnaud comte, 15 months old, with lavosh
mmmm cheese

palate cleanser

violet icecream, chocolate ganache, sour cherry & clove meringue

petit fours

really enjoyed the night
lovely company
lovely food.
its a totally different fine dining experience
when going in a group.
though.. i was not full afterwards.
content. yes.
full. no.
serving sizes actually quite small
so… i guess no surprise A
ate a pie from a random pie face
a little later that night

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One Comment to “cutler & co”

  1. mmmmm yummmm! lovely pictures too!

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