Cafe Rosamond Dessert Evening

Cafe Rosamond dessert night
happens on Thursdays @ 7pm
Dessert tubes, $9; 1/2/3 courses $20/$30/$40.


This was the second
time ive been here.
I believe the photos from the
first visit were a lot better
as I took my SLR.
These were taken with
my point and shoot.
will have to dig up the
old photos

random photo whilst walking there


four lovely courses
which i cannot remember exactly what they were!
the tube was deconstructed jam donut
and i believe the last course was
one with beer jelly.
we had a rather large group
(10 people)
so started lining up at 6:30pm
they gave us the larger table in the corner.


think the first visit was
rated highly in my head.
the second time took out
some of the element of surprise.
Though the menu changed,
presentation was basiacally the same.
:) Think I wont be back a third time.
not because the dessert was bad or anything
but there are so many desserts to try
in Melbourne.

Café Rosamond on Urbanspoon


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