Tasmania- day one

Ah tasmania. Thoughts of you makes my heart beat faster. I simply think you are the best place in the world!

The day began bright and early- 4:30am. So much to do! So much planned for our two and a bit day getaway! However on route to the airport, we received the dreaded news: our flight was delayed three hours. Sad. Very sad indeed.

Doodles on the maccas cardboard drinks tray. We had to make a picture with the flappy cardboard thing

We arrived at tasmania eventually however had to forego some earlier items on the itinerary (breakfast and visiting the museum).

First stop- lunch at The Source, MONA.

The stairs leading up- what a pretty ceiling!

A’s birthday card for me- it’s in the shape of tasmania. Heehee

We were a bit tight for time due to the delay and had already had a look at the menu in the car whilst driving here. Thought it would be a bit strange to sit down and order straight away so we pretended to ponder about choices for just a little while.

I loved the floor to ceiling windows which allowed you to look out onto the derwent river. We could see the mona ferry from afar. The table next to us went to the bathroom one by one. Each time they can back- they smelt amazing. Concluded it must have nice hand moisturizer and made a mental note that a visit to the bathroom was not be to missed.

Slow roasted pork belly, spiced red wine eggplant, apple sherbet, cider jus

Beef cheek bourguignon with winter and spring vegetables

fine salted Valrhona chocolate and caramel tart, malted ice cream

A and I ate this together first as the icecream was melting. We were so full after it and had to stare a while at the lemon tart.

lemon tart, crème fraîche

Such nice food. Such nice service. Wait for food wasn’t long either. And yes- the toilet and hand moisturizer was nice (Aesop). Wished we weren’t so rushed but consoled myself that it wouldn’t be the last time at mona (next time we will have to visit the actual museum!)

The Source on Urbanspoon

Next stop: our Bnb to get ready for N&J’s wedding

For $35 per night for the both of us, there is really there is nothing to complain about. A cabin at the back of the garden with a semidetached bathroom. We managed to co exist with the slug on the wall, however the spider in the shower met a rather unfortunate death-by-sandals.


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