Tasmania- day two

Day two greeted us with the sound of rain on the roof.

The lovely view from cabin

Breakfast at machine laundry cafe





We arrived around 8:45am but it was full inside already. Managed to get a table outside and ordered. To our surprise, they moved us in as soon as there was room. We thought that was rather nice system they had of moving people inside when possible.

Anyways, drinks. Came in retro saucers and cups. A said coffee was good, my hot chocolate was rather watery. I enjoyed my Parmesan and pancetta pancakes. A’s bruschetta with slow cooked lamb and goats cheese was a little bit too gamy for me. Though A enjoyed it throughly and polished it all off.

Machine Laundry Cafe on Urbanspoon

A didn’t quite expect such cold weather and was rather underdressed. There was a kahmandu store close by, so we popped in for a look. We’ve been uhmming and ahhing about buying down feather jackets for a while, but have not done so yet because of the price. Kathmandu happened to have a sale and in combination of A being a little desperate for some warmer clothes, we ended up buying one each. Mine was a large from the kids section, which made it even more of a bargain. Warm we were indeed!

Bruny island

We made out way from Hobart to Bruny island.
Along the way we saw multiple garage sales and an old train with shops in the carriage. A wanted to stop but I reminded him that we were on a mission! (Context: the last time I visited Bruny island, went rather late and by that time… Most of the island stores were closed).

Getting onto the ferry

Baa baa. Like herded sheep… Except these were cars…. You get what I mean

The ferry costs $30 return and 15 min to make the crossing. It was so smooth that A didn’t even realize we were moving!


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