Tasmania- Day 1

::Melbourne to Devonport::

The alarm was set to 5:30am however I woke up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. 

We were a bit confused as to what time boarding actually was. Left home 6:20, arrived to Port Melbourne 7am and then the chaos began. So much traffic waiting to board. 

Was directed around the carpark of the pier and was told by another person that it was a no standing zone so we had to exit the entire line and then RE-LINE UP!!   

 Seriously one of the most frustrating experiences ever. There is no point being early because after lining up twice, we were told to park and then were the last to get on. I would just get there 8:15 next time. 

Update @ 2:20pm. Ahoy. I’m am not a good sailor indeed. Everyone seems fine but I’m half afraid I’ll puke in public. 

Update @ 3:30pm. Lying on a seat 

Update 4:50pm. Feeling a lot better.  

Drank some expensive sparkling juice 

  Results from the forage in the garden of the place we are staying.

(Not feeling like puking) Adventure begins tomorrow! 


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