Tasmania- Day 4

Cradle mountain, day two 


this map would have been useful when booking accomodation


There was a small graveyard of walking sticks at the information centre carpark and A spent a good 15 minutes picking out the perfect one. 

It was meant to be a nice relaxing day- we had done Marion’s lookout yesterday and wanted an easy one today. 

Didn’t even bother wearing proper gear- just our shorts, hiking shoes and brought bottle of water between the both of us. 

We began with the pencil pine falls and rainforest walk (took us 15 min at a very slow pace). Very nice boardwalks through the rainforest. Then proceeded with the enchanted walk (20 min circuit).

We were feeling pretty good- hadn’t broken a sweat yet. Then we found this ‘2-3 hour walk’. Why not, we thought. 

It began in the rainforest- a bit like high school orienteering where you follow  ribbons tied mostly to trees.

1 hour in: this is pretty fun and adventurous. A good way to explore the rainforest. Lots of mossy rocks and platforms, had to climb over a fallen trunk to get to the other side of the river. 

1.5 hours in: open plains. Ooooh different landscapes- this is pretty cool. Wish we wore pants though- the vegetation is scratching my legs

2 hours in: now we are climbing a few rock walls. 

2.5 hours in: walking along the side of the mountain. With no clear path. Lots of trouble finding the next ribbon BECAUSE THEY ARE COLOURED ORANGE OR WHITE AND ITS THE SIZE OF MY FINGERNAIL. 

3 hours in: out of water. Sunscreen has worn off. We are going to die. 

3.5 hours: still walking. 

3.75 hours: finally made it out. Alive. Went to find water 

didnt take too many photos on the walk- a shame as it really was quite spectacular

Would we do it again? Yes. But with pants. And water. And sunscreen. And a compass (we’d have to learn how to use it first). Oooh and a hat. Lots of spider webs in the rainforest on your face. 

    Steps: 19,218 


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