Tasmania- Day 5

[Cradle mountain to Launceston]

Woke up to a rather misty morning- would have been amazing to take photos of cradle mountain but priorities won (eating bufett breakfast) 

Check out the amazing scenery whilst driving    
Was going to Tasmazia & The Village Of Lower Crackpot (lol) however it opened at 10am, and it was 9am when we drove past it. Went to the mural town of Sheffield instead. 


stared at this for a long time


::Ashgrove cheese::

lactose intolerants dream- four cheeses and a glass of milk


::Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm::

a sideways picture of raspberries and strawberries with vanilla icecream

::The Launceston Festivale::

(yup, I just copied and pasted the below from their website)

Festivale, one of Tasmania’s premier summer events, is a three day celebration, designed to showcase the very best of Tasmanian food, wine, beer, arts and entertainment. Staged in Launceston’s historic and picturesque City Park the ambiance of the outdoor event is unique.



mussel pate


tempura mushrooms


crayfish croquette that didnt really taste like crayfish


grilled octopus


a photo of the official photographers taking an official photo



on the way back home


Steps: 14,392


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