Tasmania- Day 6

Cataract gorge- for some reason google maps took us to not the main carpark. 

yes, i cut off one of the bird’s head whilst trying to make a photo collage


took the chairlift down ($12) and walked back up


Went to Launceston city centre. 

I can’t remember the name of the place, but the shop that sells honey is pretty cool. Had a good long talk with the lady who worked there. Bought three tubs of honey. Wanted to buy a forth. 

found this when i typed #launceston on facebook. came here too. very self controlled and didnt buy anything


Lunch @ Josef Chromy



Randomly went to Perth. Not much to do there. Good thing there was a garage sale. Bought 5 cds and 2 books for $4 total



Day was still young so decided to go to Georgetown. Again, like Perth, had no idea what was there to do there. Stumbled across this place on the way there



Wood Carvings at Georgetown. It was windy.


Went to Low Head- it was even more windy


Here’s Low Head and George Town zoomed out

Went to Coles and bought food to make for dinner. 


Waiting for the laundry to dry however didnt want the to show the internet my underwear in the tumble dryer

Steps: 13,196


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