Saving water

It’s been on my mind lately. This saving water business. (Yes, those memes of people with an incredulous look when told people shower with copious amounts of drinking water). 

So I got thinking and reading (some of it was fairly weird) on how to save water. A greywater system from the shower? .. Too troublesome as I obviously can’t do it myself. A bucket in the shower? .. Again a fairly silly idea imo as the amount of water you “save” is limited to 1. The size of your bucket 2. Your strength to carry the bucket across the house without spilling it and causing more work for yourself. Anyway, once the bucket is filled, you have no idea of how much water you are using. So came my conclusion. Inspired by my childhood and a trip to rural Vanuatu- fill up a bucket and wash yourself with a cup. Viola. 5L? 3L? Relative. It’s all relative states of dirtiness anyway. Or cleanliness if you are an optimist. 

Cue today’s photo:

Now, ignoring the fact that the tiles need to be re-grouted and the water is murky (both missing the point). What if it was done the opposite? Ie stand in a tub that is large enough to catch the falling water and once the water is up to a certain level you stop? Yes, once again we bump into the problem of having a large amount of water to lug around the house. Anyways. Ponderings. Or you could use a four minute timer. But that really sucks when you turn off the water to lather shampoo however the timer is still going and hence you miss out on showering time. 

Oh. The tub in the bathroom was actually because I needed to clean the shower and didn’t want my feel to be all dry from the bathroom cleaner. Totally wasn’t even related to the point of the post. 


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